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In 2008. We produce project for trading company in the market. 

In 2010. our project was popular selling all over the world include 36 countries and regions. It was highly recognized by the market.

In 2012, we expand the R&D team and production line, standardize the company system, and improve the production process and quality.

In 2018, Founded brand "MOOKARDILANE" for ourselves.

In 2020, we comprehensively improved the factory standards and passed the ISO13485 inspection.

In 2020. we created independent “MOOKARDILANE” as electronic micro-needle brand. And we launched “MOOKARDILANE K7” model at

the same time. It obtained very good feedback and recognition from overseas market.

Since 2021. We focus on developing and producing high-end Dermapen. We provide professional OEM/ODM services for oversea brands.

In the future, we are developing a new project which is more intelligent and humanized...

In future--MOOKARDILANE will create more possibilities...

Concentrate on innovation and inject new power into your beautiful life!